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Sitting at the table every night, indulging in the long and lingering saxophone melody, followed by brewing a cup of tea, gently sipping it, savoring it lightly, and flipping through a few pages of books, the aroma of tea and books comes together. The charm then intoxicates oneself, allowing the music to flow in my heart, thoughts lingering in my heart, and the restlessness that fills my heart during the day also fades away. The music gradually penetrates my soul without music, and the fragrance of tea moistens my heart and leaves my body. My heart has gradually warmed up a lot due to the rolling of this tea, calmed down a lot, and deepened a lot. After drinking for a long time, you will find that floating life is like tea! This green little star is full of Zen like depth and philosophy of life.


Remembering the previous clumps of new green on the hillside, pure and proud, with natural shyness, standing in the natural wind, drawing the soul of flowers, gathering the essence of vegetation, such as an oolong tea or Mount Huangshan misty tea tree, avoiding vulgarity at the top of the bitter cold, once a year blooming branches full of ice, pure and jade buds, picked by the delicate fingers of the painstaking tea picking woman, and held to the firewood leaf, The tea leaves were carefully kneaded, pinched, and baked by the tea drinkers who were devoid of desires, and then dried, squeezed, and packaged to create a refreshing atmosphere and cleanse the breathtaking tea leaves of life.


Afterwards, he traveled thousands of miles, being picked, kneaded, smelled, collected, and savored, in ever-changing situations, waiting for various life experiences; It’s good to have halls, pavilions, and temples; It’s okay to drink a large bowl of coarse porcelain with a big mouth; Suya Yixing Purple Sand Small Cup is also elegant. As long as you can afford the tea set, it is in line with the mood of the tea drinker.

Tea is soaked in boiling water, rotating in the cup, showcasing its own appearance, flying like a beautiful hair, falling like bird feathers. Each drop releases a deep fragrance in the sunlight. The tormented tea leaves sink and float up and down under the boiling water, and strands of more mellow and intoxicating tea fragrance curl up and down the edge of the cup, filling the limited and infinite space.









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