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On Sunday, walking through the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets, you step into this tea house hidden in the alley with both feet. Immediately, you are infected by the quiet and elegant atmosphere, forcing you to calm down and be accompanied by tea, carefully exploring the long journey of life.

When he saw a visitor, the elegant boss put down his books and stood up to nod his head. The teahouse is not large, with over fifty square meters and simple furnishings. There are no chess, cards, or mahjong, only scattered and floating tea smoke. In a prominent area indoors, there is a large bookshelf containing books, newspapers, magazines, and mostly books related to tea culture, such as “Chinese Tea Culture”, “Chinese Tea Manual”, “Ordinary Tea Extraordinary”, “Chinese Tea Art”, “Ancient Tea · Ancient Road · Ancient Wind”, “Zen Flavor in Tea”, etc. This also highlights the owner’s leisure and leisure.



I picked up a copy of Lin Qingxuan’s “Ordinary Tea Extraordinary” and chose a seat by the window to sit down. I ordered a cup of Biluochun, and the tea was pure and mellow. The fragrance overflowed far and clear, and the tea pond was surrounded by a cup of tea, as if it were a forest in the mountains. Reading through books, the fragrance of tea in the article makes people appreciate the philosophy of “floating tea is like living”, Lin Qingxuan wrote, “Tea must be boiled in hot water to have a taste, and life is the same. You have a smooth life and the taste will not come out. You must rise and fall three times, and then rise like a thousand miles floating canopy before the taste comes out. The entire process is very important, and there is no missing link. At this point, the quality of the tea itself becomes less important, and life is actually the same Reading the author’s writing with the fragrance of tea is like drinking a cup of light tea, and a few tranquil moods have also settled in the bottom of my heart.


Sitting alone in a teahouse, although there are no tea lovers who can enjoy the vast sea and sky, there is no sense of loneliness because the masters in the “Record of Tea Tasting by Scholars” are quietly recounting the heart of tea tasting. For example, Mr. Lu Xun has insightful views on tea tasting: “Having good tea to drink, knowing how to drink good tea, is a kind of Qingfu.” However, Lin Yutang’s “three bubbles” tea theory has a different kind of leisure. “Tea is the best in the second bubble. The first bubble is like a young girl of twelve or thirteen years old, the second bubble is an appropriately aged sixteen year old girl, and the third bubble is a young woman.” Yuan Ying, a sentimental poet, believes that, In the vast human resources, there are thousands of worries, worries, and troubles. How can a mere Du Kang dispel them? If two or three confidants, sipping tea and chatting, and chatting around the stove at night, like the murmuring water and the trickling clear stream, they can share their worries and relieve them in mutual comfort. “The prose sketches in the book, soaked in the fragrance of tea, make my thoughts float in the green sea, and an indescribable emotion rises in my heart. So, I constantly warned myself to live like the quality of tea: to be like tea, clean, refined, and refined; Be like tea, with a clear mind and few desires, neither humble nor arrogant; Just like tea, it should be bustling and forget all the likes and dislikes.


In the teahouse, the pot flows with the fragrance of tea; In the tea book, the poetic charm remains fragrant. Taking a sip of fragrant tea and reciting the beautiful lines from “Three Hundred Tea Poems”, my mood was particularly refreshing. On a cold night, guests come to tea as wine, and the bamboo stove soup turns red at the beginning of the boiling fire. “” Plum Sheng weighs the fragrance of the snowy sea, and the tea tip competes to speak of Biluochun

A quiet alley, a quaint tea house, a cup of green tea, and a few refreshing tea books bring peace to the restless heart.






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