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When I was young, I had a strong taste and didn’t really like drinking tea. As we approach the age and grow stronger, our taste is sparse and our mouth is astringent. Occasionally, we throw a few pieces of tea leaves or a few Huohu seeds into a cup when drinking water to change the taste.



I am not unfamiliar with tea. There is a tea garden in my hometown, and from spring to March every year, tea picking is busy in the front and back of the village. After picking tea leaves from the tea garden, they need to go through processes such as blanching, sieving, rolling, and baking to become tea products. When new tea catches fire, it usually takes half a month to go on sale.




Floating like tea, killing green makes tea reborn. For tea, rebirth is an instant; For humans, rebirth requires passing away a long time.


The tea ceremony has a long history in China, spreading to all directions. Drinking tea for health preservation is a Chinese tradition. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, tea can clear the head, wake up and fall asleep, reduce phlegm and digestion, diuresis and diarrhea.



The first thing to do in tea tasting is to listen to the sound of the tea, then observe its color, and then smell its fragrance. I grew up living in a tea garden and spent time with my parents’ tea farmers. This makes me firmly believe that tea is not only colored and flavorful, but also has a sound. At the moment of brewing, the tea leaves come back to life when they encounter water. As we approach the cup, we can hear the spring breeze and rain of the tea tree, the chat and conversation of the tea farmers, and the whispering of the tea in the cup. As the tea leaves revive and bloom, the sound of tea gradually disappears.


Tea is emerald green in color and fragrant as orchid. Without the richness of wine, not as plain as water, living a peaceful and authentic life. A good tea can emit a long-lasting fragrance from the inside out. The mouth is unique and full of connotation and charm.


The same goes for being a person, where one can reveal one’s quality and demeanor through every move and gesture. A person who is upright and upright is like clear tea, and the longer it lasts, the more fragrant it becomes. Reach out a helping hand in times of adversity and disappointment, to cheer you up; At the moment of your success and pride, urge and admonish to make you sober.

Tea can be precious or cheap, with a thousand or two gold coins on top and a large bowl of pennies on the bottom. Scholars taste tea, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Su Dongpo values utensils, emphasizes water and fire, communicates with nature through tea tasting, and reflects on his temperament. Bai Juyi tasted tea, which was difficult to wash and became increasingly detached due to the tea. Lu You uses tea to understand the Tao, downplays fame, and adapts to circumstances.

The heart is like tea, from boiling to gentleness, and finally cooling. At the beginning of emotions, boiling water brews tea, and the tea leaves churn and rotate, like a restless heart. Wait for a moment, then look into the cup. The tea leaves are blooming, and take a sip into your throat. It is warm and not hot, refreshing to the heart. Leave it aside and ignore it. The water cooled leaves die, and at this point, the taste of tea fades away.

Lin Qingxuan said, “When life is heavy and bitter, add a bit of cool chrysanthemums, and when it is intense, add a bit of inherent Pu erh. In the bitterness, there is still a heart that soars upwards, and in the joy, there is no loss of a sharp and profound attitude. In this way, the tea of life can become more mellow and fragrant as it ages

In the mundane world, floating a cup of tea, sorting through life in the curl of tea smoke, purifying the mind and being wise, is it not a pleasure?





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