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The colorful cloud on the horizon dyed the golden yellow of sunrise, and the sparkling waves on the riverbank shimmered with an elegant smile. Liu Er stretched out her flowing long hair and dressed herself in the mirror, with her green mountain eyebrows and graceful swallows. The mist rises, vaguely visible, your white clothes adorn the enchanting beauty of the flowers in the distant mountain stream. Willow leaves draw eyebrows for you, the streams clear your eyes, the fragrance of flowers envelops your sturdy nostrils, camellias bloom and your red lips slightly open. Smiles are full, the purple veil hangs lightly on your face, the tender buds of the tea garden bend their waist at your slender fingertips. Only they know your beauty, kissing your soft and fragrant fingertips one after another, and happily jumping into the bamboo grove behind you.


The cloud at the edge of the sky gradually turned red and brighter, and the sun rose into mid air. The thick fog gradually dissipated. The girl from the mountains sang a mountain song, with lingering sounds echoing through the mountains. Upon hearing the sound, I could only hear the song as clear as a yellow warbler, as clear as flowing water, and as sweet as sugar water. Your singing voice is particularly graceful and charming, high and round, like pearls falling on a jade plate, rhythmic and flexible as silk, with staggered and melodious tones and sweet tones. The sound is like the sound of flowers blooming, quietly quiet, slowly released, crisply layered, and unique in charm. Quiet as a lotus, moving as a sparrow. At the climax, both movement and stillness are appropriate. Your voice is like the sound of nature. Listening to it, imagining it as floating into space, winding like a Milky Way, shimmering with silver bells, exuding unparalleled beauty. In its beauty, flowers are shy, and birds help to sing.


The cloud on the horizon suddenly turned into a dark cloud. The sky was dark and drizzling. The tea picking women put on bamboo hats and rushed home one after another. That tea garden is oily green, sparkling, and fragrant for thousands of miles. You run to the tea booth, take off the bamboo hat, gently pull a handkerchief from the sachet, and wipe the sweat off your face. No one is here, you are still extremely elegant. The long braid is covered with water droplets, your jade hand pulls down a red rope, and your black hair floats like a waterfall. The hair is soft and delicate, shining and agile. The wind blows, and the fragrance of hair wafts away with the rain. When you see no one, you release your veil and see the innocence, kindness, and beauty of a young girl, flowing naturally into your entire face through your eyes. At this moment, you hummed the tea picking melody again. The rain shed tears of excitement for you, the wind spun your transparent dress, the flowers restrained their smiles for you, and the birds sang softly for you. You take out the wooden teapot, which is long and wafts with a faint bamboo fragrance. The tea inside is still warm, emitting a faint heat. You gently took a sip, unconsciously closing your eyes, breathing in the rich aroma of tea, and couldn’t help but curl your lips slightly. A sweet upward curve was like a curved moon bud, so peaceful, so sweet, so intoxicating. Take another sip, your face, your heart, completely drunk. You raise your head slightly and smell the fragrance of tea, flowers, grass, and rain. However, do you know that all things in heaven and earth are also overwhelmed by your worldly beauty, unparalleled purity, and unparalleled elegance.


After the rain, the sky cleared, and the rainbow built a seven colored bridge from the horizon. The sunlight reappeared and shone brightly. You picked up your tea picking attire and looked at the reappearing clouds on the horizon. Your eyes were filled with hope. Are you looking forward to a good harvest of tea, the true destiny of the dream, or the beautiful life of a fairy tale like king plowing the fields and me embroidering flowers?





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